Featured rescue pet: Bailey, my pit/retriever mix (with updates, video)

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This featured pup looking for a home resonates a little too close to home for me – literally. It’s my pup. (Scroll to the end for video of this snuggle pup)

Bailey is a year-old retriever/pit mix who came to live with us as a 6-week-old foster pup and decided to stay. But sharing her family with two active Border collies (one who is terminally ill* and one who is very, very, very bossy) proved to be too much for this perky pup with personality to spare. She doesn’t want to share her space with other dogs because she wants to be the only mutt in your life!

Bailey’s easy to please – want to play fetch? She’s ready with her favorite football! Want to romp in the woods? Get the leash! Want to just snuggle on the couch and watch TV? Leave room for Bailey! She just wants to be with you, wherever you are.

She loves going to puppy school and is a smart, eager student who learns quickly. So if you’ve got the hot dogs, she’s ready for class!

And why limit yourself to obedience? How about a tracking class? She’s got talents still waiting to be discovered. If there’s a kitty in mix, he needs to be a feline who likes to chill and let his canine companion be the leader of the pack.

You also MUST be committed to continuing her formal training to help Bailey be the best pup she can be.

If you’re willing to give this sassy pup a second chance, you’ll have a best friend for life!

To meet this snuggly, fun-loving girl, email me at joanne@joannebrokaw.com or call me at 585-734-2209. An adoption fee will be charged and potential adopters will be vetted fully to ensure that Bailey and her new family are a great match.


UPDATE May 2012: Bailey finished her Puppy Superstar class with Ada Simms! Ta da! Good girl, Bailey!

Bailey at Puppy Superstar class with Ada Simms.
The newly minted “puppy superstar” watches Daddy pump gas.


*UPDATE: On January 6th, Scout went to live on God’s Farm in the Sky, and after an appropriate period of mouring, Bailey and Bandit have decided they really, really, really don’t want to live together in the same house. After several evaluations by trainers, it’s agreed that the problem in our house is Bailey and Bandit, not necessarily Bailey and another dog. While I do believe the very best situation is a home where Bailey is the only dog, she is more than capable of having doggie friends and playmates. Besides, once you meet her you’re going to want to shower all of your love on her alone!!!

UPDATE MARCH 2012: Bailey had her annual check up and she’s super duper! She weighs 44# but she’s smaller in stature than that weight implies. I can’t stress enough how great a dog she’s become and how heartbroken we are that she and Bandit can’t seem to work out their problem.


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